Going through a divorce can be complicated, emotional, and stressful. Not only are you separating from your spouse, but you are determining many critical aspects of your future. Will there be an award of alimony? How will the assets, including a family business, be valued? How will the ownership of the family business be decided? All these issues are important, and when your divorce is considered a high net worth divorce, they are taken to a whole new level because the stakes are even higher.

There are numerous factors that go into a high net worth divorce, and because of this, there are many experts that play an important role to help make sure your divorce goes smoothly. Below are a handful of experts that play an important role in a high net worth divorce:

Legal Experts. This may be an obvious one, but attorneys play a significant role in a high net worth divorce. They can assist you with the equitable distribution of marital assets including property, business interests, family businesses, medical and other professional practices, retirement accounts and pensions, marital residences, life and health insurance policies, and more.

Financial Experts. These experts are also critical in a divorce as they focus on valuing assets, including business interests and pensions, as well as calculating net disposable income, all of which are important for deciding support, equitable distribution, and alimony awards.   

Real Estate Experts. These professionals can be involved in a divorce if you need an appraisal of any real estate property that you own, including the rental value of properties. For example, if there is a dispute between you and your spouse regarding the value of the property or if you are unsure of the current value of your property, a real estate expert can help. They can provide the value of the property in addition to comparable properties nearby and their sales prices.

Consulting with experts when going through a high net worth divorce is key and can help you get the outcomes you desire. To learn more about how experts can help you with your divorce, contact us online or call our office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania at 412-261-4040.


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