Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyers

Pittsburgh Divorce Lawyers Few things in life are as traumatic, and potentially economically destructive, as divorce. For those facing divorce, fears abound regarding issues of the distribution of property, alimony and support, custody of children, and the maintenance of insurance, just to name a few.

Wilder Mahood McKinley & Oglesby is one of the oldest firms in Pittsburgh focusing on family law issues. Our founding partner, Joanne Ross Wilder, penned the handbook used across the state by practitioners and judges in the family law arena. Accordingly, we have the experience to address the issues and concerns you will have regarding divorce, involving:

Allegheny County No-Fault Divorce Attorneys

Pennsylvania is a “no fault” state, meaning spouses can obtain a divorce when the marriage is “irretrievably broken” and the parties have either lived separate and apart for at least one year or consented to a divorce.

Parties may continue to live in the same house, yet still be separated and “living apart.” Fault grounds for divorce also still exist in Pennsylvania.

Fault may be shown where one party is “innocent,” and the other has engaged in desertion, adultery, cruel and barbarous treatment, bigamy, indignities, or has been imprisoned for a crime.

The reliance on fault, however, is rare, as there may be substantial expense, and little advantage, to proving one of the fault grounds; the existence of fault has no effect on the distribution of the marital property (although it may impact an award of alimony).

Divorce Does Not Have To Be A Financial Disaster | Let Our Experience Benefit You

Divorce does not have to lead to financial ruin. In many cases, you can rely on our lawyers’ knowledge and reputation to secure the resolution of your divorce-related issues by agreement with your spouse.

We are litigators, but we can also facilitate agreement between you and your spouse. Our lawyers have the experience to advise you which course will resolve your divorce in the best manner possible, always in accord with the outcomes most important to you.

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