Adoption ServicesAdoption is a legal process that may not commence until the rights of the natural parent or parents have been voluntarily or involuntarily terminated. These rights may be terminated incident to the adoption itself, in order to permit a new parent/child relationship. While the natural parent has a right to raise a child, the child has a right to be raised in a healthy environment. The state has the interest of preserving the parent-child relationship and ensuring a healthy environment for the child.

The consent of various parties is required for an adoption, including children over age 12 and the spouse of an adopting parent. Consent to adoption is not valid if executed within 72 hours before or after the birth of the child, and consent may be revoked if done within 30 days. Adoption is governed by the Pennsylvania Adoption Act, which requires strict adherence to its provisions, and thus the reliance on a family law firm, such as ours, conversant with adoption procedures.

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