Pittsburgh Asset Division Lawyers

Retirement assets that you earn during your marriage are subject to equitable division in a Pennsylvania divorce.

Such assets include retirement savings in 401(k) and IRA accounts and other defined contribution plans. They also include retirement assets that are vested in defined benefit plans, such a traditional pension.

Allegheny County 401(k) Plan Attorneys

Determining how these assets should be divided in a divorce is a complex task. At Wilder Mahood McKinley & Oglesby, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, our attorneys understand the many legal and financial aspects of this process. We have helped clients throughout western Pennsylvania, including professionals and business owners and their spouses, to resolve asset division issues since 1978.

Using negotiation, mediation and litigation, we assist our divorcing clients in resolving issues regarding retirement assets and other employment-related benefits, including:

  • 401(k)s
  • IRAs
  • Pensions
  • Savings plans
  • Stock options

Separating Marital Assets From Ineligible Assets

Assets you acquired before marriage are not considered eligible for division during the divorce. However, assets you or your spouse acquired during the marriage are considered marital assets that are subject to property division claims. Retain our attorneys, and we will determine the scope of your marital retirement assets, and then work to ensure those marital assets are divided fairly. We can also work to avoid potential penalties and taxes resulting from the distribution of retirement assets.

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