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Divorce presents serious risks for people who own medical practices, and for their spouses.

Whether you are a physician in private practice, a surgeon working in partnership at a regional hospital, or a medical professional engaged in a specialty, the future of your medical practice can be put in jeopardy by the division of assets, which accompanies every divorce proceeding.

Conversely, if you are divorcing a medical professional, the financial security you have depended on could be threatened by the outcome of the divorce.

Allegheny County Valuing A Medical Practice Attorneys

Wilder Mahood McKinley & Oglesby, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is an established leader in western Pennsylvania divorce law and representation. Since 1978, we have successfully represented the interests of medical professionals, and their spouses, who are considering divorce or are actively pursuing it. We also represent lawyers, architects and other professionals, and their spouses, who have ownership interests in professional practices.

Assisted by forensic accountants, business valuators, and other financial experts, our lawyers can determine the actual value of a medical practice, dental practice, law firm, architectural firm or other professional practice. We can then develop and execute legal strategies for preserving the practice (or deriving value from it) in the future.

We advocate strongly for our clients’ interests in negotiations and mediation, as well as in court. When applicable, we help professional clients protect their practices. We also assist non-practicing spouses in achieving alimony and other financial settlements or judgments based on Pennsylvania’s equitable division law.

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Over the years, Wilder Mahood McKinley & Oglesby has helped its clients to determine the fates of professional practices ranging in value from hundreds of thousands of dollars to multiple millions. For advice, guidance and representation regarding your divorce, or in valuing your professional practice, contact our Pittsburgh attorneys online or by calling 412-261-4040.