There is a lot of information out there about divorce – how do you file for a divorce, what is the divorce process like, what are the laws in my state; however, there is not much discussion regarding the events that occur after the divorce has been finalized.  After the divorce decree has been issued, what happens next?   

While every divorce is different, one feeling that most individuals share that are going through a divorce is the feeling of trepidation as to when the process will end. The level of relief once the divorce is completed is very high, but it cannot keep an individual from taking action after the divorce to protect your interests and rights. Taking these next steps after your divorce is final can help get you on the right track:

Review Your Divorce Decree – Review the terms relating to the economic and financial aspects of your divorce so that all the requirements of the court’s order or a settlement agreement have been met, including the transferring and re-titling of all assets and liabilities.

Update Important Documents – When your divorce is final, it is important to update all the documents that reflect your marriage status and emergency contact information. You are permitted to change the beneficiary designation of life insurance policies, retirement accounts, investment accounts, and other assets. You will also want to review your Will and estate planning documents to make necessary changes to effectuate the divorce and to protect your estate. 

Prepare to Co-Parent – You may not like your spouse after a divorce is final, but you need to decide to be a cooperative co-parent alongside your ex if child custody is a part of your divorce. Your children deserve a stable, secure childhood where they have relationships with both parents, and being a good co-parent can achieve this. There are some exceptions where co-parenting doesn’t work such as if there are issues with domestic violence or substance abuse. However, if these issues don’t exist in your family, then having both parents play an active role in your children’s lives is important.

Take Time – Going through a divorce can take a toll on you, and because of this, taking time to reset and recharge yourself is as equally as important as the items above. When you can be your best self, you can take better care of everything else in your life.

Life after divorce may seem daunting but it can be a positive journey. Take control of your life and look forward to what’s ahead. Don’t hesitate to lean on family, friends, or a therapist during this transition.

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