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When starting the journey of divorce, it may seem like reaching the other side will never happen. While every divorce is unique and has its own twists and turns, one thing many divorces have in common is that they can be complicated—from the child custody arrangement to the property division, no divorce is exactly clear […]

Ending a marriage may sound like a clear-cut decision to make, and it very well might be, but one who makes this decision needs to be prepared for what is to come next. What assets does one expect to keep after the divorce is final? If children are involved, how will custody be handled? Does […]

What percent of marriages will end in divorce in 2023? In the United States, between 35%-50% of first-time marriages end in divorce, increasing to approximately 60% for second marriages and 70+% for marriages after the second, according to World Population Review. With these statistics in mind, it makes many of us wonder why marriage is […]

When deciding what divorce process is best for one’s situation, mediation may be one of the processes considered. Mediation allows a divorcing couple to collaborate on a solution to divorce, support, property division, and custody issues outside of court, without relying on a judge to make these decisions. A personal and caring mediation environment may […]

A lot of headaches and stress can occur during a divorce when two spouses are navigating through items associated with their children. This is because children are of the utmost importance, and their wants and needs should be at the forefront of the decisions to ensure that they have the best care and situation possible. […]

There will be many adjustments in one’s life after a divorce is finalized—from getting used to being single, to the situation of being a co-parent, to transitioning from two salaries to one. While all the emotional and situational adjustments are difficult, the financial adjustments can be one of the more stressful obstacles. It is normal […]

Almost all divorce proceedings result in a final divorce decree, ending the marriage. While that is the finality  of a divorce proceeding, there is so much more that goes into reaching such conclusion. There is the division of assets and debts, which is known as equitable distribution, custody determinations including parenting plans, support such as […]

There are many different topics that can arise as part of a divorce, but one of the bigger topics of discussion, and sometimes the most stressful, is alimony. Alimony serves as a means to help a party meet their reasonable needs when their income and the assets awarded in equitable distribution are insufficient to meet […]

Some people may offer to share their medical history with others comfortably while others might feel uneasy to share this personal information, especially with the court, and especially during divorce, support or custody proceedings. Medical records can include information from a variety of items, such as routine checkups, physicals, and vaccination status, to treatments for […]

Children usually have the highest priority in their parents’ lives, and when a divorce or separation arises, the children are likely considered first. Making sure the children are considered throughout the divorce or separation process and providing them with a smooth transition is important for the children’s future and wellbeing. Going hand in hand with […]