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Collaborative practice is a customized, client-centered process through which families resolve divorce, child custody, and other legal issues respectfully and efficiently, avoiding litigation and focusing on solutions to meet each family’s unique needs.

Divorce can become a smoother process when transparency in financial matters is prioritized. In recent years, the collaborative divorce approach has gained traction as an alternative to traditional litigation. Central to this method is the emphasis on open financial communication between divorcing spouses. By disclosing assets, liabilities, and income, couples can foster trust and ensure […]

With the advent of collaborative law, there’s a growing emphasis on fostering open communication to make the divorce process more amicable and less adversarial. Collaborative law is a legal approach that aims to facilitate a mutually beneficial resolution of divorce-related issues without resorting to traditional litigation. Unlike courtroom battles, collaborative law encourages spouses to work […]

As experienced divorce attorneys, we often see couples at one of the most challenging and emotional crossroads in their lives: divorce. Divorce is never an easy decision, and it can be even more painful when traditional adversarial litigation adds to the stress. However, there’s an alternative approach to divorce that many might like to consider: […]

Not every divorce is the same, and not every divorce fits into the same pattern or process. Because of this, there are options when it comes to the divorce process, and someone approaching this situation should carefully and thoroughly consider their options before taking the next step. There is the traditional divorce process, which involves […]

When someone approaches divorce, they may immediately picture themselves in a court setting with their divorce attorney by their side, the judge in front of them, expensive fees being taken out of their bank account, and a difficult spouse on the other side of the room. This picture is what we see in movies, and […]

If you are faced with a divorce today, there are many more avenues to consider regarding the divorce process than there were years ago. Some of your options may include a traditional divorce which involves relying on the court to make the final decisions, mediation which allows you and your spouse to work together on […]