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Agreements can be very useful tools for marriages and can come in handy during a divorce. Family agreements, including the settlement of disputes by agreement between husbands and wives, are favored in Pennsylvania and are generally presumed to be valid, binding, and non-modifiable by the courts. Because of the seriousness of entering an agreement, it […]

If someone is having marital problems, how can they determine if divorce is the right solution for their relationship? That question is not easily answered since each relationship has its own set of unique circumstances. Perhaps they have children that they need to consider, or they should give their marriage more attention before resorting to […]

A high net worth divorce can be a difficult process and take a toll on one’s financial and mental states. Many who go through this process might anticipate the day that the divorce is final; however, there is another journey that begins at that time: learning how to bounce back with life after divorce. The […]

After spouses go through the divorce process, many are presented with a new role to learn and manage – one most common role being that of a co-parent. It can be difficult to navigate this new role while being newly divorced, and leaning on an experienced divorce attorney is one way to help ensure the […]

A high net worth individual is typically considered to be someone who owns $1 million or more in liquid assets. Many high net worth individuals have this money in a form that can be quickly converted into cash such as a savings account, stocks, bonds, and/or a certificate of deposit. When one or both parties […]

One very important topic during a divorce is alimony. Alimony serves as a means to help a party meet their reasonable needs when their income and the assets awarded in equitable distribution are insufficient to meet those reasonable needs. It is not an easy topic no matter what side one is on. We understand the […]

Life after divorce is a lot like starting over, or at least it can feel that way.  It can be a scary feeling knowing that new things are ahead – or it can be looked at as an exciting, new beginning. Either way, a part of this starting over period includes the topic of finances, […]

When going through a divorce, it can be easy to get caught up in all of the stress and chaos that may accompany the process. From the appointments to the packing and moving and especially the child custody concerns, it may feel near impossible to take “me” time or to step back and get centered.  […]

When one approaches a high net worth divorce, they often experience the normal complexities of divorce along with additional hurdles such as a more extensive list of assets, complicated business ties, valuations concerns, etc.  This often leads those going through a high net worth divorce to be stressed and overly protective of their finances. Regular […]

When parents go through the divorce process, some may not think through what parenting with their ex will be like once the divorce is final or they may have assumptions about it. Co-parenting brings on a whole new relationship and situation to navigate. While some parents find that co-parenting with their ex is easier than […]