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When one approaches a high net worth divorce, they often experience the normal complexities of divorce along with additional hurdles such as a more extensive list of assets, complicated business ties, valuations concerns, etc.  This often leads those going through a high net worth divorce to be stressed and overly protective of their finances. Regular […]

When parents go through the divorce process, some may not think through what parenting with their ex will be like once the divorce is final or they may have assumptions about it. Co-parenting brings on a whole new relationship and situation to navigate. While some parents find that co-parenting with their ex is easier than […]

When one spouse knows that a divorce is the right thing for their marriage, approaching the other spouse can be dreadful. It is true that the feelings are largely dependent upon the reason for the divorce, but in many cases, those feelings are uneasy and stressful regardless of the reason why. To help prevent chaos […]

Going through a divorce is not an easy journey. One way it is made even more complicated is when children are involved. Most parents naturally want the best for their children but face a conflict when they must give up some of their precious time with their children due to a divorce or a custody […]

Divorce can be an emotional challenge for many. The thought of starting a new routine may be difficult to handle as well as thinking about financial burdens that may come out of the divorce process. It is important to stay positive as starting a new chapter in life can be challenging but also rewarding. In […]

A divorce is a complicated process – from dividing assets such as bank, investment, and retirement accounts to the determination of who will retain the marital residence. A way to make it less complicated and less stressful is to be knowledgeable of the topics that will need covered and resolved during the divorce in addition […]

Going through a divorce can be difficult and heart wrenching for many reasons – especially if children are involved. Having children can make a divorce more complicated because parents always want their children to grow up in the best situation possible. While a divorce can be difficult on everyone involved, there are ways to make […]

The divorce process can not only be tough on your emotions, but it can also be tough on your financial resources. Finances are one of the topics most divorcing couples fear because the unknown of the future can be daunting. When one or both spouses are a high net worth individual, things can get even […]

A divorce brings with it many topics to consider, some of which may cause worry and confusion to those involved. One of those common topics is spousal support. Whether you may worry that you will not receive the support you need or that you will owe your spouse a hefty amount of money each month, […]

The COVID-19 pandemic has effected nearly all aspects of life.  This includes court proceedings, which are now mostly conducted remotely via computer or other digital means.  A common question among individuals that are subject to a custody order of court regarding their child or children is whether custody or custody orders of court are modified […]