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The COVID-19 pandemic has effected nearly all aspects of life.  This includes court proceedings, which are now mostly conducted remotely via computer or other digital means.  A common question among individuals that are subject to a custody order of court regarding their child or children is whether custody or custody orders of court are modified […]

Tax time can be stressful, and some tax years can be more complicated than others – especially when a couple is facing a divorce. This is because there are more tax issues to consider when a divorce is involved. From your filing status, to claiming dependents, to your tax refund, there are many items to […]

If you are faced with a divorce today, there are many more avenues to consider regarding the divorce process than there were years ago. Some of your options may include a traditional divorce which involves relying on the court to make the final decisions, mediation which allows you and your spouse to work together on […]

One of the major worries that many experience when going through a high net worth divorce is that of protecting their assets, and rightfully so. Assets can make or break someone’s future and can also impact the future of their children if children are involved. Due to this, when someone who has been in this […]

Divorces are not easy. They are emotional, stressful, and often involve many financial expenses. If you are planning a divorce, you may feel overwhelmed when thinking about all of the different factors that you will have to sort through – from spousal and child support to distribution of property and life insurance. Because of these […]

A high net worth divorce is more complicated than a typical divorce in many ways. The topics of business interests, real estate, finances, and investments, among other items, create a more complex situation. One of the best things you can do if approaching a high net worth divorce is to lean on an experienced divorce […]

Many couples who are experiencing difficulties in their marriage consider separating from their spouse before taking that drastic next step of getting a divorce. They may try to take time apart to sort out their differences in hope that they can come together again to reconcile their marriage – especially if their marriage is more […]

There are many hardships that people may think about when the topic of divorce comes up – that of sharing custody of your children, splitting your assets, and dealing with the emotional side of things, especially if you believe you were treated unfairly, subjected to abuse, or if your spouse was not faithful in your […]

When a couple is approaching marriage, the last thing they probably want to discuss is the topic of prenuptial agreements. The topic is not easy to bring up and may make someone feel that their soon-to-be spouse already anticipates their marriage failing. However, in reality, the topic of prenuptial agreements can help to ease anxieties […]

Life after divorce can be scary if you do not know what to expect, and for many, that may be the case. If you are approaching a divorce and feel like you do not know what is ahead for you, one of the best things you can do for yourself and your family is to […]