Divorce is the way out of a relationship between two individuals who marry, and much thought should go into the decision before parting ways. Before divorce becomes a reality, a couple should think through why they got married in the first place and what brought them together.

People can change in some ways as they experience different things and get older. Their mindsets might shift, and they may no longer want the same things that they did when they first got married. Regardless of the reason for divorce, we recommend that they consider the following questions before they start the divorce process:

Are you going through a challenging time or are you and your spouse truly not right for each other?
There is a difference between having to work on a marriage and not being right for one another. Many marriages go through tough times—such as losing loved ones, stumbling across health issues, financial difficulties, or going through a life change—that can cause them to struggle with their relationship. It is important for someone to really consider if they are just going through a tough time, or if their marriage truly is not working out.

Do you feel unsafe or disrespected?
No one should have to live in an environment that feels unsafe, whether physically or emotionally. If this is the case, we recommend that they seek help so they can get out of the situation—especially if children are involved.

Is your relationship intimate?
Relationships that are intimate tend to have more of an emotional connection compared to those that are not. If a marriage is not intimate, one needs to consider if the other spouse has found that intimacy elsewhere and/or decide if they are willing to work on this as part of making their marriage successful.

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Is only one person trying to save the marriage?
If only one person is actively working to save the marriage and the other person has seemed to detach themselves from the situation, this may be a sign that their marriage is broken and that divorce may be on the way. It is difficult to save a marriage when only one spouse is willing to work on it.

Have you tried all options such as counseling?
If someone is not sure if divorce is the right move, try thinking through all options, such as counseling, before making the decision to divorce. It may take external advice to learn how to navigate the roadblocks that a marriage may encounter. For example, by learning and utilizing new communication methods, a couple may start to mend what was broken in their marriage. Plus, marriages who get through tough times tend to be stronger in the end.

Divorce does not have to be the only answer to a difficult marriage. We recommend those feeling that divorce is the right next move to consult with an experienced divorce attorney along with considering the above questions.

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