There are many items to consider when going through a divorce, and every couple has their own set of unique considerations. Due to the complexity of divorce, many questions are raised throughout the process.

Instead of being overwhelmed throughout the divorce process, one should consult with an experienced divorce attorney that can help to answer their questions and provide recommendations. In addition, educating oneself on the topic and process can help, as well. To get started, below are a few Q&As:

  • Should someone hire their own attorney if their spouse wants a divorce?
    While hiring a divorce attorney is not required, having an experienced professional on one’s side is encouraged—especially if the other spouse has their own attorney. In addition, it is even more highly encouraged to have an experienced attorney on one’s side if there are complex issues, the case involves multifaceted finances, or it is a high net worth case. For additional information, here is a recent article including 5 reasons why someone should hire a divorce attorney.

    It’s important to note that there are different divorce processes, such as mediation and collaborative law, that one should know about before moving forward with traditional litigation. Read these pros and cons of mediation and collaborative law.
  • What should someone do with their house during a divorce?
    There are a few options that someone going through a divorce can consider regarding their home. The first option that many consider is allowing one spouse to retain the home. While this involves a great amount of planning and an analysis of the parties’ financial situation, it is possible, and many couples choose this route. Another option is to sell the home. This also involves planning and takes a lot of collaboration between the couple. The divorcing couple would need to agree on a sale price, maintain the home while the selling process is happening, make negotiations, etc.

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  • What should someone do if they suspect that they will be served divorce papers?
    If a divorce is suspected, there are many things someone can do to be prepared. Some recommendations are to: assemble information and documentation regarding the assets and liabilities of one’s estate as well as each individual’s income and earnings, begin educating oneself on the divorce processes and representation, consider the issues and claims that exist and must be addressed as part of the divorce (e.g., division and distribution of the assets and liabilities of the estate, support, alimony, maintenance of insurance, and custody), and protect your earnings by opening one’s own bank account.

Approaching a divorce can be daunting, but with the right tools and representation in place, someone in this situation can be better off once it is all said and done. If you are in this situation, we hope the above Q&As can help to give you some insight on what to expect and how to be prepared. For information about what our experienced attorneys at Wilder Mahood McKinley & Oglesby can do to help you in your divorce, contact us online or call our office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at 412-261-4040.

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