For many people who begin their journey to get a divorce, the process and all the emotions that are involved can be very overwhelming—and rightfully so. A marriage is a huge commitment and deserves much thought and consideration before deciding to end it. Because of this, and all that a marriage may consist of, the divorce process can be complicated and difficult to figure out alone.

There are some divorces that are simple; these usually do not involve many assets, do not involve children, and they are usually cases where the marriage was short and neither spouse is asking for alimony. In these cases, an experienced divorce attorney may not be needed, and a couple may be able to handle the matter  themselves. However, most divorce cases are more complicated than this scenario. In these more common situations, we highly recommend finding an experienced divorce attorney, and here are 5 reasons why:

  • They Protect Their Client’s Rights
    Going through a divorce does not mean that someone must lose their rights and be stripped of the things they deserve and are entitled to. Having an experienced attorney on one’s side can make a world of difference. They will protect their client and make sure their side is heard regarding support, alimony, distribution of property, and more.
  • Their Experience Is an Asset
    While representing oneself in a divorce might seem like an option that can save time and money, it can be quite the opposite in the long run. It most definitely depends on one’s situation and the complexity of their divorce situation; however, in most cases, not hiring a divorce attorney—especially an experienced divorce attorney—can cause one to lose assets, money, and much more, which can affect them for years after the divorce is final. A divorce attorney will bring their experience to the table and use that to help their client achieve the outcome most desirable to them.

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  • The Paperwork Can Be Overwhelming
    Every divorce is unique, and as such, every divorce may require different documents, forms, and filings. A court document that is not filled out correctly or not submitted in a timely manner may negatively impact a case. A divorce is stressful enough; let an expert manage the documentation and filings. Plus, they have the knowledge to complete filings in the best, most persuasive way possible.
  • They Can Keep Emotions Out of the Picture
    It is normal for a couple to feel stressed and emotional throughout the divorce process, and those feelings could lead to decisions being made without reason. When a divorce attorney is involved, they can help their client to see the big picture and make the right decisions instead of acting on impulse.
  • They Can Explain the Consequences and Outcomes
    An experienced divorce attorney can explain the complex law including what it means and how it specifically pertains to that individual’s unique situation. For someone who is not familiar with the law and all of the terms and conditions that it involves, the meaning of an important statute or court order may be misunderstood or missed completely which can create unnecessary turmoil.

Divorce is not an easy hurdle to overcome. If you are in this situation, we understand what you are going through. Leaning on a divorce attorney and having their experience on your side can help to take much of the stress away and increase your chances of achieving the best outcome possible for you and your family.

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