When things get hard in a marriage, the thought of divorce might cross one’s mind. While it is true that divorce can be a way out of a tough situation or an unhappy marriage and has proved to be the right move for many, it is not always the right next move or a quick and easy way out. The decision to divorce should be well thought through and one should be prepared before starting the process to avoid mistakes early in the process.

We work with complex family law matters every day—for business owners, high net worth individuals, or for those in complicated situations—and we understand what a tough marriage situation can entail. It can be stressful, emotional, and mentally straining, and those involved want it to end. If one finds themselves in this situation, we welcome them to reach out to our experienced attorneys so we can talk through the right next move before making sudden decisions. In the meantime, the following questions can help to provide some insights:

Is divorce the right move?
We completely understand someone wanting out of a difficult marriage, and no one deserves to settle for a relationship that does not make them happy. If someone finds themselves in this situation, we recommend that they think through if divorce is truly the right move for them. If they aren’t sure, perhaps marriage counseling, talking through the issues with their spouse, or consulting with a healthcare professional can be worth a try before jumping into the divorce process and making a potential mistake.

Are your finances and paperwork in order?
If someone decides that divorce is the right move, they may feel anxious to start the process so it can be over as soon as possible; however, making an impulsive decision to start the divorce process when they are not ready can negatively impact their outcome. Before moving forward with divorce, we recommend understanding one’s total financial picture and having the necessary paperwork in order. It is also important to understand how certain accounts (jointly titled accounts) should be handled if moving forward with a divorce.  This will save a lot of stress, time, and consequently, money down the road.

Is this the right divorce process for your situation?
Another mistake to avoid early in divorce is choosing the wrong process. There are options when it comes to the divorce process, and finding which option best suits a divorcing couple greatly depends on the situation, the relationship between the spouses, and what circumstances are at hand. Before deciding on a process, we recommend consulting with an experienced divorce attorney so they can give the divorcing individual an expert opinion on which process may work best for their situation—whether it is divorce litigation, a collaborative divorce, or divorce mediation. Additionally, one should avoid posting or discussing their situation on any form of social media.

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While marriage can be rewarding, it is something that often needs a lot of work and can have its own set of challenges. If, during those challenging times, one finds themselves approaching a divorce, we recommend consulting with an experienced attorney who can prepare them for the process ahead.

Learn how our attorneys who are well-versed in complex family law matters can help you with your divorce. Contact us now to set up a consultation however it is most convenient for you—via telephone, video, or in person.

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