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A divorce brings with it many topics to consider, some of which may cause worry and confusion to those involved. One of those common topics is spousal support. Whether you may worry that you will not receive the support you need or that you will owe your spouse a hefty amount of money each month, […]

When the subject of divorce is brought up, one of the first topics that might make you feel stressed is the topic of finances. What will happen to me financially during and after the divorce? This question and the stress that comes with it is completely normal, but don’t worry. If you have the right […]

One key component of a divorce is the award of support – including spousal and child support. In most cases, one of the former spouses will be awarded this type of support either because of an already-established agreement between the couple or due to a decision by the court. If you’re in this situation, and […]

If an interest in a small business or closely held business arises during the marriage, divorce will typically involve the distribution of the business to one spouse; a buy-out of the other’s interest is often necessary, as divorcing spouses cannot be expected to work together.  However, where spouses will have little contact, the court may […]

Whether you are considering a divorce or are already in the middle of a divorce, you will have to understand as much as you can about alimony payments after you are divorced, as well as spousal support while your divorce is pending. Calculating Spousal Support The determination of spousal support is made by taking the […]

Support awards may be enforced by contempt proceedings against the person failing to pay, by seizing assets to satisfy back-support, or by wage attachment. The court may also order the suspension of licenses for non-payment. Where support is paid according to a court order, a wage attachment is typically mandatory. Employers must comply with wage attachment orders, or contempt proceedings may be brought against them. Most forms of government payments to a person are also subject to attachment to pay support, but special rules apply in the case of veterans’ benefits; support may be obtained directly from the Veterans Administration. Tax refunds may be intercepted for the payment of past-due support. Where support is paid according to an agreement between parties, the agreement may be enforced under the Pennsylvania Divorce Code to the same extent as a court order. A person’s wages may not be garnished in an amount greater than fifty percent of the person’s wages. Agreements or orders entered in other states are similarly enforceable under the Code. Generally, support obligations are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Alimony obligations may be enforced in the same