One very important topic during a divorce is alimony. Alimony serves as a means to help a party meet their reasonable needs when their income and the assets awarded in equitable distribution are insufficient to meet those reasonable needs. It is not an easy topic no matter what side one is on.

We understand the stress alimony may cause someone going through a divorce because alimony can affect one’s financial landscape for years to come. Due to the possible financial repercussions, one should ensure they have the best representation to support them through the process. An experienced divorce attorney is key, in addition to keeping these tips in mind:

  • Consider Mediation
    There is a common assumption that, when alimony is involved, it needs to be decided by the court; however, that is not the case. Alimony can be resolved through settlement negotiations, including mediation. Mediation can be used to reach an agreement without the necessity of court intervention. When going the mediation route, you and your spouse can collaborate on a solution to alimony with the control in your hands without relying on a judge to make these decisions for you.

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  • Become Knowledgeable of Your Spouse’s Resources
    No matter what boat one is in – whether they would be the one paying or receiving support – it is important for them to know the other spouse’s resources. Having this information, which can include their separate assets, income, and expenses, will help them to negotiate more effectively. This information should be available as part of the divorce and equitable distribution. 
  • Evaluate Your Situation and Be Reasonable
    If one will be requesting alimony from their spouse, they should carefully evaluate their situation (e.g., monthly income and expenses) so they can have a complete understanding of how much alimony they should request to meet their reasonable needs. A spouse will need to prepare a monthly budget, with supporting documentation, to demonstrate their monthly expenses and the need for alimony. Lastly, one should keep COLA in mind (the cost of living adjustment) which can increase the amount of alimony one gets each year.

Alimony can be a topic of worry for many going through a divorce, but you can rely on our lawyers’ knowledge and reputation to secure the resolution of your divorce-related issues, including alimony, by agreement with your spouse or through litigation in court. Our lawyers have the experience to advise you on which course will resolve your divorce in the best manner possible, always in accord with the outcomes most important to you.

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