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During high net worth divorces when well-compensated spouses divorce, one issue that may arise is how to deal with stock options held by a spouse as part of his or her benefit package.  In Pennsylvania, such stock options are considered a form of deferred compensation designed to induce the employee/spouse to remain loyal to the […]

“Having a really good attorney and fighting for your fair share” is critically important to an equitable property division outcome in many so-called “gray” divorces in Pennsylvania and nationally, says an executive with a national family research organization. It’s not hard to see why. Gray divorce — another description for marital dissolution among comparatively older […]

The Pennsylvania Divorce Code provides for Equitable Distribution of Marital Property. What does this mean? Marital Property is a property interest acquired between the date of marriage and final separation of husband and wife. Property is marital regardless of whether it is held in joint or individual names if acquired during this time period, unless […]