When someone goes through a divorce, they are presented with many new beginnings and many firsts to make their own. These can be uncertain times or times of sadness and grieving, but one can also view this as an opportunity to make the most of the new path they are on.

One new beginning that many will encounter after divorce is their home—whether they will remain in the same residence that they lived in with their spouse or move to a new residence. Whichever the circumstance is, one thing is true: refreshing one’s home after divorce can impact one’s mood and outlook on life. If someone is recently divorced and is struggling with how to make their surroundings their own, the below tips can help:

  • Replace Unwanted Mementos
    Those who have decided to stay in the home that they previously shared with their former spouse should consider giving their home a facelift. Because a home after divorce can be filled with memories from a time that one might not want to remember, updating the space can benefit one’s mood and mindset, even if it is one slight change at a time. Someone in this situation could remove unwanted mementos and replace them with hobbies or decorations that are meaningful to their new stage of life. Perhaps picking out a new theme or painting can help to begin creating a space that is unique to them. With each new change should come a new breath of fresh air.
  • Consider a Minimalist Style
    Having a cluttered environment can cause stress, anxiety, and even depression, so encompassing a minimalist style, which uses the bare essentials to create a simple space, can help someone surround themselves in a more positive setting post-divorce. A home that follows the minimalist style is one where space, lighting, and objects are all equally important, so clearing the majority of countertops and having a good amount of light and space are key. One can look at this style as making room for better things to come.

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  • Make Outside Space a Priority 
    It might be natural for many to consider the inside of their home first when wanting a change, but the outside space should be just as important. Sitting outside in a place that helps one to feel connected with nature can significantly lower an individual’s stress levels. Due to the health benefit of being outside, ensuring one’s outside space is fit for their new lifestyle should be a priority.

One’s home can make a major impact on life after divorce, so ensuring their space is updated to fit their unique style and new beginning is essential. If you are faced with divorce or a family law matter and need guidance from an experienced attorney, contact us at Wilder Mahood McKinley & Oglesby either online or by calling our office in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at 412-261-4040.

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