Ending a marriage may sound like a clear-cut decision to make, and it very well might be, but one who makes this decision needs to be prepared for what is to come next. What assets does one expect to keep after the divorce is final? If children are involved, how will custody be handled? Does the couple own a business? If so, who will retain the business and how will it be operated? Being prepared for these situations can help one feel more confident during the important discussions.

Due to the many items a couple will have to tackle in order to complete a divorce, thinking through all of the items beforehand is ever important. When someone approaches a divorce, the last thing they need is to be overwhelmed and confused by what they want or what might occur. To help someone in this situation be prepared, below is a list of topics to consider before the divorce process begins:

  • Children and child custody
  • House/land/expenses
  • Real estate properties
  • Household furnishings
  • Jewelry and collectables/memorabilia
  • Motor vehicles
  • Insurance
  • Savings/checking accounts
  • Debt/credit cards
  • Retirement accounts
  • Tax liabilities and payments
  • Businesses/investments
  • Future debt responsibilities such as mortgage loans, auto loans, medical bills, credit card bills, and student loans

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This list can seem daunting but try not to get overwhelmed. There are experienced divorce attorneys who have a deep knowledge of all items that will need to be discussed for your specific divorce situation that you can lean on and trust to guide you down the right path. If a divorce is the right move for your situation, we hope the above can provide some perspective into what will be coming your way in the divorce process so you can be as prepared as possible.

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