In most instances, and for obvious reasons, divorce in Pennsylvania or anywhere else is a weighty matter.

That is really not surprising, given the number of considerations that can arise when a couple seeks to legally dissolve a marital union. Although every divorce brings its own set of circumstances that need to be considered and resolved, certain matters tend to feature recurrently in many divorce proceedings.

Child custody (including, centrally, parenting plans and visitation) is naturally of core importance in many divorce negotiations. Given the close focus on children that attaches in family law cases, child support considerations also loom large in many judicial determinations. The same can be true regarding property-related matters, chiefly the identification, valuation and equitable distribution of assets.

In what it terms “a public service,” the Pennsylvania Bar Association touches on some of these and additional matters in a divorce pamphlet that is available for public scrutiny on its website.

Even a quick scan of the information that has been set forth reveals its utility in providing basic knowledge regarding the divorce process in Pennsylvania.

The document can never replace the counsel of a seasoned family law attorney, of course, which is something the brochure explicitly states.

In fact, state bar authorities expressly recommend that any Pennsylvania resident served with a divorce complaint “consult an attorney immediately.”

The reasons for doing so are many, and they are enumerated with some detail in the bar association’s pamphlet. A proven family law lawyer can provide further information and diligent representation in any divorce-related matter.