Every four years, the PA Child Support Guidelines are reviewed and adjusted to stay in line with the current cost of living and to make other necessary adjustments. These guidelines consider the statistical data for the cost of raising a child for a family that is not divorced as it is thought that divorced or separated families should spend the same amount on their child no matter their status. With that said, effective January 1, 2022, the PA Child Support Guidelines were modified and may be a reason for some families to consider a child support modification.

When parents approach a divorce or separation, many thoughts can cross their minds. They may worry about the emotional and financial tolls it will take on their family and children, they may wonder how seeing their children on a regular basis will change, or they may stress about losing the closeness of their relationship. No matter what thoughts are involved, one important thought that effects the whole picture is that of support. Without financial support in place, much of the other thoughts may feel even more stressful.

Due to the recent changes in the PA Child Support Guidelines, there may be some families who would benefit from a child support modification. That is because the Support Guidelines increased in most instances. It is important to note that the increase is not the same at all income levels. Naturally, the greater the monthly net income per month, the greater the increase.

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The increases in the Child Support Guidelines should be considered, and we advise parents to reevaluate their situation by contacting their experienced attorney and leaning on their expertise in this area.

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