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In Kimock v. Jones, 47 A.3d 850 (Pa.Super. 2012), the Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s ruling in the parties’ child support proceeding. The parties were married for eleven years, having one daughter during such time. Father was physically and verbally abusive to Mother and the child. After the parties’ separation, Father went extended periods […]

In Lugg v. Lugg, 64 A.3d 1109 (Pa.Super. 2013), the Superior Court affirmed the trial court’s decision regarding the parties’ postnuptial agreement. Husband and Wife were married for approximately 13 years, having had three children during the course of their marriage. In August, 2010, in contemplation of divorce, the parties began negotiating a postnuptial agreement. […]

Do spouses who are separated, but not divorced, have to worry about losing their beneficiary status under life insurance policies or pension plans of the other spouse? Generally, the named beneficiary under life insurance or annuity contracts can be changed by direction of the owner of the policy without notice to the beneficiary. Most all […]

A party’s right to claim one’s child as a dependent on income tax returns depends upon the number of overnight custody periods the child spends with that parent. The parent with the greater number of overnight custody periods of the child during a tax year will be entitled to claim the child as a dependent […]

A child support obligation generally terminates at age 18, or when the child has graduated high school, whichever date occurs later, despite the fact that the age of majority in Pennsylvania for purposes other than support is 21. Because the obligation of child support is based upon the parent-child relationship, the obligation ends when a […]

Stock options are considered deferred compensation, much like a pension, thus marital property subject to distribution in a divorce. As options are usually not transferrable, a “buy-out” of the non-employee spouse is required. The simplest method to value a buy-out is to subtract the exercise price of the options from the market value. However, this […]

A party may be ordered to maintain health insurance for his or her spouse and/or children as part of a support order, where the health insurance coverage is available for the payor spouse at no cost or at a reasonable cost. The payment of health insurance for a spouse and/or children is factored into the […]