A child support obligation generally terminates at age 18, or when the child has graduated high school, whichever date occurs later, despite the fact that the age of majority in Pennsylvania for purposes other than support is 21. Because the obligation of child support is based upon the parent-child relationship, the obligation ends when a decree terminating parental rights incident to adoption is entered, even if the adoption has not concluded. A parent may be required to pay support for a child who is over 18 but because of a physical or mental condition is not self-supporting or emancipated. This determination is a question of fact, which must be made on a case-by-case basis. Parents may also

be liable for support of an adult child who has been adjudicated delinquent and is participating in a court-ordered program. The duty to pay child support ends upon the death of the payor; therefore, no claim for child support may be made against the parent’s estate. Child support obligations are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. There is no duty to provide child support while a child is attending college. However, the law does not preclude parents from reaching an agreement to pay for the cost of their child’s college education. These types of agreements to pay or provide a college education for an adult child are binding, enforceable contacts that must be complied with by the respective parties.