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Adoption is a process that can have many twists and turns. The steps and procedures may be overwhelming for anyone going through it for the first time, especially in the case of a private adoption.

Have you decided that adoption is the route you want to take to grow your family? If so, there are many questions that you need to consider when taking the next steps. For example, do you want to take the path of closed adoption or open adoption, is this a step-parent adoption, what are the […]

When your child is getting a divorce and going through a custody battle, you may wonder how it will affect you as the grandparent. You may worry that it could prevent you from seeing your grandchildren, and affect the close bonds you may have established with them. The relationships that children develop with their immediate […]

The Superior Court addressed the termination of a father’s parental rights in regards to a same-sex couple’s adoption In the Matter of L.J.I., 57 A.3d 1278 (Pa.Super. 2012). In the case, Mother and Father were not married, and their relationship ended prior to Mother giving birth to a daughter. Father saw his daughter during the […]