High Net Worth Individuals – Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie – Enter Divorce

As would be expected, much of the nation engaged in a feeding frenzy of gossip when it was recently announced that Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie would be going, to the extent such is possible where children are involved, their separate ways.  In light of their high net worth, it has been reported that the couple have a well-crafted prenuptial agreement in place, and thus the financial aspect of the divorce will be of little note (other than the astronomical wealth the couple enjoy).

However, what will be sure to play out in the public is the custody battle over the parties’ children.  The first salvo has already been fired, as an attorney for Ms. Jolie released a statement that she is seeking primary custody of the children “for the health of the family.”  When coupled with a report that the Los Angeles County Department of Children and Family Services was investigating an alleged confrontation between Mr. Pitt and the parties’ oldest son on an airplane, not much reading between the lines is required to spot an accusation by Ms. Jolie that Mr. Pitt is abusive to the children.  Sadly, Mr. Pitt’s parenting style, or at least speculation regarding it, will soon be public knowledge.  Mr. Pitt should expect such; the children don’t deserve such.

Of course, the typical custody case does not involve the press, nor governmental agencies.  But far too often the combatants simply do not contemplate the effect of their battle on the children.  Here’s hoping this case being in the public eye will shine a light not on the salacious details, but on the harm in using children as a weapon in litigation.

At Wilder Mahood McKinley & Oglesby, we are vigilant in our efforts to minimize the negative impact of divorce upon the children of our clients.  With over a half century of combined years of experience in child custody matters, we are able to better advise our clients as to potential, and likely, outcomes, and thus more effectively negotiate resolutions, rather than litigate them.  If litigation is necessary, we work closely with our clients to keep the profile of the children low, and to reduce their emotional distress.

Wilder, Mahood, McKinley & Oglesby is one of the oldest firms in Pittsburgh focusing on family law issues. Our founding partner, Joanne Ross Wilder, penned the handbook used across the state by practitioners and judges in the family law arena.  Our attorneys,  Brian E. McKinley ,Darren K. Oglesby and Bruce L. Wilder update the book annually to keep current with changes in the law and society.  To consult with a Pittsburgh divorce attorney about your options in a divorce, contact us online or by calling 412-261-4040. We represent business and professional clients with family legal concerns across western Pennsylvania.

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