Enforcing Support Awards

Married Couple Divorcing

Spousal and child support awards may be enforced by contempt proceedings against the spouse or parent who fails to pay, by seizing assets to satisfy unpaid back-support, or most typically, by a wage attachment. Where support is paid according to an order of court, a wage attachment is typically mandatory, and an employer must comply with a wage attachment. Most forms of government payments to a person are also subject to attachment to pay support, but special rules apply in the case of veterans’ benefits. Additionally, tax refunds may be intercepted for the payment of past-due support.

Where support is paid according to an agreement between spouses or parents, the agreement may be enforced under the Pennsylvania Divorce Code to the same extent as an order of court. Agreements or orders entered in other states are similarly enforceable under the Divorce Code. Generally, support obligations are not dischargeable in bankruptcy. Alimony obligations may be enforced in the same manner as child and spousal support orders.

Our firm has experience both in collecting from non-paying spouses and parents, and in defending people who genuinely can no longer meet their support obligations due to changes in their financial circumstances.

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