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The topic of finances can make a lot of people cringe or feel uncomfortable. Perhaps they do not want others to know how they are spending their money or maybe they are not aware of their entire financial picture. Regardless of the reason, when someone is approaching a divorce, the topic of finances needs to […]

A couple who has a significant amount of assets are usually considered to be high net worth individuals, and when that couple gets a divorce, their divorce is likely to be complicated for obvious reasons. High asset divorces can be more emotional, have more at stake, and can cause more stress. Anticipating a high net […]

Divorce is the way out of a relationship between two individuals who marry, and much thought should go into the decision before parting ways. Before divorce becomes a reality, a couple should think through why they got married in the first place and what brought them together. People can change in some ways as they […]

When things get hard in a marriage, the thought of divorce might cross one’s mind. While it is true that divorce can be a way out of a tough situation or an unhappy marriage and has proved to be the right move for many, it is not always the right next move or a quick […]

A high net worth divorce is one which involves assets that have a high monetary value. While there is no formal definition of a high net worth divorce, it has traditionally been defined as a divorce involving more than one million dollars ($1,000,000.00) in assets. People who approach those high net worth divorce situations tend […]

When someone is a business owner, they have often worked very hard to get to where they are today and are putting forth a continuous effort to keep the business running and profitable. Because of this, when a marriage involves a business and approaches a divorce, that couple’s situation becomes very complicated and emotional. Not […]

The result of divorce is often thought about as a couple splitting ways and separating their lives for good. While many people wish it were this way, there are certain circumstances that do not make this possible. One of the circumstances is when one of the ex-spouses remarries. Marital settlement or postnuptial agreements, when written […]

When it comes to divorce, most people would prefer a smooth, peaceful process versus one that is unnecessarily drawn out. Even if one’s situation is overly complicated, such as including high net worth individual(s) or those with a long list of assets and business interests, there are still ways to help keep the peace. For […]

When a couple gets married and has children, their relationship is taken to a whole new level. Not only do the spouses have a tie to one another through marriage, but they are also given parental rights and additional responsibilities when they have children. If divorce is involved, each parent’s custodial rights may be at […]

There are many items to consider when going through a divorce, and every couple has their own set of unique considerations. Due to the complexity of divorce, many questions are raised throughout the process. Instead of being overwhelmed throughout the divorce process, one should consult with an experienced divorce attorney that can help to answer […]